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I have finally signed up for an Instagram account.

I started this account hoping to get more audience for my photos.

Please note that my photos will not be purely taken and edited using my iPhone.

Some uploaded photos will be taken using my D90 (#D90) and DMC FT3 (#FT3).

For those who wants to follow me, or at least view the photos I have uploaded, just search for world_of_ice

iPhone How To’s: Delete E-mails (Gmail)

Been using Gmail for quite some time and I always loved the mailbox space and free POP3.

However, after using an iPhone this year (yes, I’m a late iPhone user), I have noticed that e-mails from my Gmail are not deleted but instead ARCHIVED!

This is a big hassle for me as I receive a lot of messages from Facebook and Friendster (yes, I still have an account!)

After tinkering, playing and searching for a way to delete messages on my Gmail, I have finally found a solution!

A lot of websites will tell you that swiping your finger to the right (or left) will show a delete icon, but if you’re using Gmail, an ARCHIVE button will pop-out.

Inside the message this icon is also “Archive”

If you want to have the option to easily “delete” your messages, you must go to your iPhone’s settings.

Turn-off the “Archive Messages” option.

When you go back to your inbox, the “delete” button will now show up every time you swipe your message.

When reading your messages, the “delete icon” will also be available.

I got myself an iPhone!

I have been a Windows Mobile user for a very long time…
My first Windows Mobile Phone was the Smart Amazing Phone (also known as the HTC Tanager), then I bought an I-Mate Jam (also known as the HTC Magician), then I used a Dopod 838 (also known as the HTC Wizard) and lastly the Asus P525.
I used a Nokia E63 for more than a year after the Asus P525 as I was still undecided on which phone to get next.
I wanted to wait for a new WebOS device from HP but the waiting seemed to take forever.
RIM’s Blackberry is really not for me, Windows Mobile 7 just didn’t have the apps and features I need now and I find Android too risky for me.
Let me explain on what I mean about Android’s risks.
You see, I love upgrades… My Smart Amazing Phone ran on Imate’s ROM (instead of the original ROM from Smart). I was happy with the Imate Jam’s ROM so I just changed my wife’s O2 XDA mini’s ROM to run Imate too. And my Dopod 838 also ran an Imate ROM.
Although these ROMs were not official, they were available with the risk of only voiding your warranty.
For Android, un-official upgrades are also available, this would be my choice of Mobile OS 5 years ago but since I am now very busy with work and other family stuff, I can no longer research and gamble on installing a new Mobile OS.
Not all Android phones are guaranteed to have an official update to the latest Android version, just look at Sony Ericsson’s X10 mini, they presently run on Éclair (2.1) even if Froyo (2.2) has been available for a while and Gingerbread (2.3) is officially released.
If you use Android devices, you’ll know that performance from Éclair to Froyo is a big upgrade and next year, Android will have Honeycomb.
This is just a very big issue for me for Android devices as I will not be happy getting stuck at Éclair knowing that Froyo and above is much better.
For Apple devices, (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) an update is almost assured for at least the next 4 years (updates for the original iPhone and iPod Touch are no longer available).
Updates are easy to install since you only need to sync your device to iTunes and we all know that there’s almost an app for everything…
All my favorite apps and games are available on the iPhone and Android but the iPhone version just works better.
I can list a lot of reasons why I decided to get an iPhone but basically the biggest factor is that WebOS is just taking too long to release a new phone, Android upgrades are not guaranteed and Windows Mobile 7 does not have the complete features I need.
Hopefully, other manufacturers come up with better tablets before I decide to get an iPad next year…

Nokia E63

This feels really odd writing (and at times, talking) something about a device running on Symbian 60.

From my post about the Asus P525, you’ll know that I have been a Windows Mobile user for the longest time. However, if I had to write the main reasons why I bought a Symbian 60 phone instead of getting a new Windows Mobile device, my list will be focused on the negative sides of Windows Mobile.

1. Windows Mobile’s built in web browser is really bad! I know, I can always install Opera, Skyfire and other pocket web browsers available but Microsoft should start upgrading their own web browser since not all of us have the time to purchase, install and tweak our phones. I can easily forgive this issue a couple of years back. The iPhone’s Safari is great, I have not tried the Android and the Palm Pre’s web browser but the Symbian 60’s web browser has got to be one of the best.

2. I got tired of waiting for a Windows Mobile device with a Capacitive Screen. I know the E63 is not even a touch screen device but I rather use it than use a device with a resistive screen!

3. Normally, Windows Mobile Devices come in Black, Silver and White… I wanted something different! I have a red E63!

Getting the E63 over an iPhone or an HTC Dream… simple, I am a Starhub subscriber.

Now, getting the E63 over the E71 is another story, I chose the E63 because I did not want to pay extra for the E71’s HSDPA, GPS and heavier Metal Body.

Now, focusing on my new Nokia E63, I did not install anything yet except for Fring, it’s really handy to have a good web browser, e-mail and instant messenger installed to your device.

One thing that irritated me with the E63 is that you’ll have to configure your internet connection separately for the web browser, sending and receiving e-mails. For a basic user, that’s already three (3) times. Using Fring will mean a fourth (4th) setting!

Second complain will have to be the ear piece’s volume is never enough, with my line of work, I receive a lot of calls from satellite phones and sometimes their signal is not that clear. Now, the satellite phones unclear signal plus the E63’s weak ear piece will almost be equal to a complete disaster for me.

Third and last complain is the weak vibration alert, it just too weak.

Now to the positives, since camera does not have auto focus, it’s fast! It uses 3.5mm headphones, very convenient! It has a built in flashlight which you can use even if the phone is locked.

In a world where nothing’s perfect, the Nokia E63 works just fine for my needs, I’m really happy with it and I can see a couple of years with this phone in my pocket.

I know, that after reading this article you’ll notice that I gave the negatives a longer part than the positives. I think the most important part is that I’m presently using the device right now. Its not perfect but for me, it has everything that I need.

Here are photos taken using the Nokia E63’s camera.

The Killers!

Have you noticed that for the past months (or maybe years) the word “killer” as been often used specially for electronic goods?


I can remember seeing an iPhone Killer and an ASUS EEE PC as examples.


So the iPhone is not a Prada Phone killer since the Prada Phone never dominated the market, but did the iPhone dominate it to receive so many killers waiting in line? Seeing a graph of PDA users in the US, the Blackberry is still number one, why didn’t I hear that the iPhone is a Blackberry Killer? The iPhone just passed the Windows Mobile in terms of numbers so this makes sense that the Windows Mobile is now aiming at the iPhone (which is number 2) in making their new products.


So the iPhone integrated new features like Push E-Mail to make it corporate friendly, they made it work like a Blackberry, but do we hear Blackberry people saying that the iPhone us trying to clone their device just as some people insists that Windows Mobile, Samsung and the others are cloning the iPhone? In finger friendliness, the Prada Phone came out first then the HTC Touch before the iPhone but we still here these people saying that WM, and LG are trying to copy iPhone.


The ASUS EEE is also one of those gadgets who received a lot of killers. After being in the market for less than a year, they have gained the attention everyone wanted to have.


Lets face it, while everyone were proud to announce that they have more core’s than the others, they have more hard disk and faster optical drives, the EEE pulled the carpets under them by making a device that has less storage space than an iPod Video. It turns out that there’s a market for people who just needs a basic laptop for their basic tasks, no video cards, no optical drives and even no Hard Disk! Imagine 4gigs of space on your machine, and people didn’t care, our market knows what they need and ASUS brought it to them.


Now we have other manufacturers trying to beat each other not only in pricing but features as well. All of us consumers have so much to gain as prices of what used to be luxuries goes down. Trying to make “killers” for market leaders and since this maybe the norm for the next couple of years, we will be enjoying a wide range of products for all types of income groups.


So I guess we can say that the term “killer” is used when a new product is launched aimed to get a market share from the leader.


Having “killers” is not so bad after all; however, I still think a better word could have been used. Did we hear the Toyota Yaris is a Honda Fit killer or Yokohama coming out with a Good Year killer? How about McDonalds trying to kill the Burger King or Kenny Rogers trying to kill Colonel Sanders? I think I made my point.


I guess this comes with being a leader in your market will get free advertisement when a competitor releases a new product. 

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