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Gadget Review: Sansui iPod Speakers SGID 1071 XBS

This is the speaker with the ion2 on top.


I have been using this for a day and I must say, it’s a very good piece of gadget you can use for your iPod, I cannot say that the price is ok, but the sound quality is good. Holding this item alone has a very good solid feel and the quality of the plastic looks good!

It has the following features:

  1. volume control
  2. IR remote control
  3. bass control
  4. treble control
  5. separate bass speaker (facing the ground)

All I can say is that this is just your basic iPod speakers as you may not want to wear earphones in your room.

The remote control is very small and has a sleep and mute button. The only problem I have with the sleep button is that it does not pause the iPod, your iPod will continue playing but the speakers are off. It actually felt like the mute and sleep buttons were the same. The remote control only has volume, bass and treble controls.

The unit has only one (1) blue LED which blinks when you try to change the volume.

This speaker does not have a separate control for the iPod therefore, next song and play and pause options will be pressed on the iPod’s click wheel. It also has a adapter for the iPod video and Nano only, you will need to stick some kind of a foam if you will use a Nano, the problem is that the foam has an adhesive and you may not use a Video again if the foam is already installed. You can have the adapter removed just in case you have a older iPod but the only thing holding your iPod is it’s connector, might not be a good idea since a gentle tap might destroy your iPod’s connector.

I am going to recommend this item to those looking for good iPod speakers, I know there are others out there in the market which are cheaper and maybe better but this is something you can keep as an option when looking for that additional accessory for you iPod.

Gadget Review: Le-mon M-16 iPod Speakers


le-mon m16

I was able to use the Le-mon M-16 iPod speakers for a day.

Why just a day?

I had it returned immediately the next day in exchange for a Sansui SGID 1071 XBS. Features wise, the Le-mon M-16 is great!

It has a…

1. remote control
2. clock/alarm clock
3. FM tuner
4. USB slot
5. Aux in
6. Equalizer
7. Mega Bass
8. TV out (for iPod capable of Video Playback)

I have tried using the TV out and it was great! You will only need one (1) cable to connect to your TV, sounds will come out from the speakers. 

The USB slot accepts any USB flash drive that contains MP3 files

The remote control was acceptable.
It however was not bad in doing its main task… Playing music!

Specially when playing songs with a lot of drums/bass. This is actually the reason why I had it returned the next day. Some songs were ok but for my preference in music, it really cannot perform the task I need it to do… which is play music.

If I was going to rate this thing from 1-5 (3 is acceptable, 5 is highest) I will have to be subjective on the features it has.

1. video playback – 4 I used a 7 inch screen just to test it, using a bigger screen might give a different rating
2. ease of use – 5
3. adapter available for different iPods – 5 (it has adapters for everything even the old iPods
4. remote control – 3 as usual in remote controls, the buttons will take time to get used to
5. FM sound – 5
6. iPod playback – 1 (that’s why I had it returned)

I was having second thoughts before actually buying this product, the brand name itself, Le-mon didn’t look good but I still gave it a try. 

Before I asked the store to give me a Sansui (as a replacement), I asked them to let me try another unit just incase I have encountered a lemon, as I tried it, it had the same bad sound so I don’t think the unit I bought was a lemon, the brand or this model (M-16) is a Le-mon!

I cannot recommend the brand and its definitely on my NOT TO BUY list! It can do a lot of cool stuff but it failed on the thing that really mattered the most!

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