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iPod Shuffle

I’ve been smiling a lot since yesterday!

I just got a package from my wife.

Her reason for buying it for me, I’ve been using a Chinese iPod Nano clone for working out!

I have a 30gb iPod Classic (also from her) but since it uses a Hard Disk, I decided not to use it in the gym since it will lessen its life span.

This baby is complete which includes Apple’s Engraving!

I honestly can’t wait to use it!!!

Motorola HT820

This is one of the things I actually use everyday!

It actually felt weird writing something about it just now.

Anyway, as things are better late than never, I am a proud owner of a Motorola HT820 Stereo Bluetooth Headset. How proud? Well, I guess the fact that I use it everyday is enough proof.

I had this way earlier than my Jabra BT320s Stereo Bluetooth Headset. The experience of comparing the two is definitely miles apart, especially with the fact that the Motorola did not have any wires.

The Motorola is bigger, way bigger than the Stereo Headsets available today, the newer Motorola S9 is smaller but since it’s an in-ear type, it really does not fit well for people like me with small ears.

Sound quality if good, a bit leaned towards the bass side of the equalizer. Controls are also available for Volume, Stop, Play, Next/Previous Song and Answer (if connected to a mobile phone).

Originally, my set-up is that my Motorola HT820 is paired with my Jabra A125s then at the same time connected to my ASUS P525 this is perfect since I can answer my calls easily with a touch of a button. However, after switching to the Nokia E63,  I can’t seem to pair it properly. Must be a part of the E63’s manual which I haven’t read yet.

Here are some additional things that you should know about the Motorola HT820.

Size, here’s a photo of the headphones.

Controls on the right are for Next/Previous Song, the Motorola Logo lights up in Blue which also serves as a button for Play and Pause.

Volume controls are on the left. The Motorola Logo also lights up and serves as an answer button (for calls).

Motorola also provided a jack in case you want to use this as a wired headset. None of the controls work (even volume) when the wire is used.

The only complain I have about this headset is that Motorola did not sell replacement foams (check the picture).

I had to improvise my own pads since it’s not comfortable if I have them removed.

I once read that Motorola devices are knows for being sturdy. Having used the Motorola HT820 everyday without any problems is a proof of this. It may not look as good as its competitors but for something that I have been using for more than two (2) years, this is one gadget I have I do not intend to replace anytime soon.

Gadget Review: Jabra BT320s Stereo Bluetooth Headset


  1. Weather proof! But I honestly have not tried to have it wet
  2. Can make calls
  3. You can have the headphones replaced


Now for people looking for a good Bluetooth headset, this is one gadget that you MUST STAY AWAY FROM!

I have been using this for almost a year mainly on my Macbook when watching movies, here are a couple of reasons on why I did not pair it with my Jabra A125s (BT Adaptor for iPod).

  1. Music Skips, it’s like listening to a cheap/old Discman. It’s having problems to obtain a stable connection.
  2. Battery life is very bad, less than 5 hours.

There are some other complains I have like it has a three color indicator, it is red when battery is low and when turning off. Blue when paired via BT to accept calls and Purple when paired as headphones (A2DP).

When using it with my PDA (Asus P525) and iPod, all controls will work. Even with its small size, it has a button for the following:

  1. Play/Pause
  2. Next Song/Previous Song
  3. Answer/End (Call)
  4. Volume Control


Another draw back to this gadget is that the stereo headphones that comes with it sounds bad, not even at par with the original iPod headphones. You can use the original iPod headphones with this device but you need to use a cable organizer.

The last thing I hate with this gadget is that it uses a different charger! I bought this device a year ago together with the Jabra A125s and I was surprised to see that they cannot share chargers, this is a big hassle if you will travel with this headset as you will need to carry a dedicated charger for it.

As I said, I have been using it for a year before I actually wrote a review, the reason for this is that I am seeing a lot of stores carrying this model here in Singapore and I think the buying public needs a different perspective before investing in this item.

I have no complains when using it as a headset for my laptop but I will think twice before I use it for my iPod.

If there’s any consolation, you can use your x-mini speakers on it.


Gadget Review: Jabra A125s Bluetooth Music Adaptor for the iPod


This is such a small device so a short review will be appropriate.


  1. Small
  2. One Button Operation
  3. Will work with any iPod (except the shuffle)
  4. Uses a Motorola charger
  5. Can control your iPod remotely (play, pause, next/previous song)


  1. Does not lock to the iPod (I use a rubber band to prevent it from disconnecting)
  2. Charging the adapter will NOT charge the iPod
  3. Battery life is around 5 hours
  4. Charger was NOT included with the package.

This thing is compatible with Motorola Stereo Bluetooth headphones.

Here are some pictures of the actually unit.



Side: You will see that it uses the same charger with the newer Motorola phones, but it is 25% thicker than my iPod video (not noticeable from my camera angle)


Gadget Review: Le-mon M-16 iPod Speakers


le-mon m16

I was able to use the Le-mon M-16 iPod speakers for a day.

Why just a day?

I had it returned immediately the next day in exchange for a Sansui SGID 1071 XBS. Features wise, the Le-mon M-16 is great!

It has a…

1. remote control
2. clock/alarm clock
3. FM tuner
4. USB slot
5. Aux in
6. Equalizer
7. Mega Bass
8. TV out (for iPod capable of Video Playback)

I have tried using the TV out and it was great! You will only need one (1) cable to connect to your TV, sounds will come out from the speakers. 

The USB slot accepts any USB flash drive that contains MP3 files

The remote control was acceptable.
It however was not bad in doing its main task… Playing music!

Specially when playing songs with a lot of drums/bass. This is actually the reason why I had it returned the next day. Some songs were ok but for my preference in music, it really cannot perform the task I need it to do… which is play music.

If I was going to rate this thing from 1-5 (3 is acceptable, 5 is highest) I will have to be subjective on the features it has.

1. video playback – 4 I used a 7 inch screen just to test it, using a bigger screen might give a different rating
2. ease of use – 5
3. adapter available for different iPods – 5 (it has adapters for everything even the old iPods
4. remote control – 3 as usual in remote controls, the buttons will take time to get used to
5. FM sound – 5
6. iPod playback – 1 (that’s why I had it returned)

I was having second thoughts before actually buying this product, the brand name itself, Le-mon didn’t look good but I still gave it a try. 

Before I asked the store to give me a Sansui (as a replacement), I asked them to let me try another unit just incase I have encountered a lemon, as I tried it, it had the same bad sound so I don’t think the unit I bought was a lemon, the brand or this model (M-16) is a Le-mon!

I cannot recommend the brand and its definitely on my NOT TO BUY list! It can do a lot of cool stuff but it failed on the thing that really mattered the most!

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