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User Manuals Should be a Free Ebooks

As I posted earlier…

I just bought a Samsung NX300.

Awesome camera with a lot of freebies.

Upon opening the box, I found 2 CDs inside.

The FREE Adobe Lightroom and the user manual!

I basically know how to operate a camera… but the user manual is handy to see what other features are available and how to access them.

While I was opening the DVD (using my iMac), I noticed that the User Manual was just in PDF!

Why is there a need to save a PDF file on a DVD?

What if was using a newer Apple device or a Netbook without a DVD drive?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if user manuals were available as a free ebook download from iBooks and the Play Store?

So upon extracting the PDF file I needed, I renamed the file and uploaded it to my Play Books… Obviously, its not perfect… but it works!

Olympus E-M10 Manual

Here’s another manual…

Samsung NX300 Manual

I got myself an iPhone!

I have been a Windows Mobile user for a very long time…
My first Windows Mobile Phone was the Smart Amazing Phone (also known as the HTC Tanager), then I bought an I-Mate Jam (also known as the HTC Magician), then I used a Dopod 838 (also known as the HTC Wizard) and lastly the Asus P525.
I used a Nokia E63 for more than a year after the Asus P525 as I was still undecided on which phone to get next.
I wanted to wait for a new WebOS device from HP but the waiting seemed to take forever.
RIM’s Blackberry is really not for me, Windows Mobile 7 just didn’t have the apps and features I need now and I find Android too risky for me.
Let me explain on what I mean about Android’s risks.
You see, I love upgrades… My Smart Amazing Phone ran on Imate’s ROM (instead of the original ROM from Smart). I was happy with the Imate Jam’s ROM so I just changed my wife’s O2 XDA mini’s ROM to run Imate too. And my Dopod 838 also ran an Imate ROM.
Although these ROMs were not official, they were available with the risk of only voiding your warranty.
For Android, un-official upgrades are also available, this would be my choice of Mobile OS 5 years ago but since I am now very busy with work and other family stuff, I can no longer research and gamble on installing a new Mobile OS.
Not all Android phones are guaranteed to have an official update to the latest Android version, just look at Sony Ericsson’s X10 mini, they presently run on Éclair (2.1) even if Froyo (2.2) has been available for a while and Gingerbread (2.3) is officially released.
If you use Android devices, you’ll know that performance from Éclair to Froyo is a big upgrade and next year, Android will have Honeycomb.
This is just a very big issue for me for Android devices as I will not be happy getting stuck at Éclair knowing that Froyo and above is much better.
For Apple devices, (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) an update is almost assured for at least the next 4 years (updates for the original iPhone and iPod Touch are no longer available).
Updates are easy to install since you only need to sync your device to iTunes and we all know that there’s almost an app for everything…
All my favorite apps and games are available on the iPhone and Android but the iPhone version just works better.
I can list a lot of reasons why I decided to get an iPhone but basically the biggest factor is that WebOS is just taking too long to release a new phone, Android upgrades are not guaranteed and Windows Mobile 7 does not have the complete features I need.
Hopefully, other manufacturers come up with better tablets before I decide to get an iPad next year…

Generic MP3 Players + Mac

Before I begin this post, I would just like to define a Generic MP3 Player (as per this post). They are those MP3 players who are recognized as a Mass Storage Device when connected to a Mac or a PC.

Windows users has a ton of available software that can be used to sync Windows Media Player and iTunes to a Generic MP3 Player but to Mac users, ever wonder how to sync a generic MP3?

The old procedure I used to do is by (1) Selecting the Specific Song in iTunes. (2) Right Click the select “Show in Finder”. (3) Copy the MP3 File and paste it in the MP3 Player.

Really a hassle if you ask me, this is the reason why (ever since I switched to a Mac) all my non-iPod MP3 players are just playing the role of a paper weight at home!

I have searched forums on how to sync a Generic MP3 Player on a Mac with iTunes and they told me that my original procedure was incorrect, apparently I can just (1) Copy a song from iTunes (no need to view the file from Finder) and (2) Paste it in my MP3 Player.

This really cuts my original procedure in Half but I was hoping that there was a way to just click sync and all the songs from my specific playlist will be transferred.

This is where I searched and read and tried various softwares which are available online. I stumbled upon a software which was a fit to my needs.

iTuneMyWalkman is a small and free software which can sync any Phone, MP3 Player and even a Flash Drive with iTunes.

There are different ways to set it up but I decided not to install any scripts from my iTunes and just use iTuneMyWalkman as an external software.

Now, loading songs to my Generic MP3 Player is this simple.

(1) Create a playlist in iTunes. (2) Open iTuneMyWalkman and edit the necessary preferences. (3) Click Sync. The software will also delete all the MP3’s in the specified folder which is not included in your Playlist.

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