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Filipino Food in Harbourfront Center: Rapsa

Now here’s something that’s a big surprise to all of us…
A stall in Food Junction which serves Philippine Cuisine… Rapsa!
Food Junction in Harbourfront Center can be found on the Third Floor.
Location is great since Food Junction always has ample space, proper ventilation and reasonable prices.
If it’s your first time to eat Filipino Food, this might be the perfect place for you.
Prices are not as expensive as Bonifacio and 7,107 Flavours.
Crowds and ambiance are not like those restaurants found in Lucky Plaza (Jologs) and Tanjong Pagar (Kamayan)
And it’s not as busy as the stalls in Lau Pa Sat (Happy V, Panyeros, Mang Kiko’s and Tapa King)
As per my guidelines:
Food that is readily prepared is available: Yes (although some of the items in the menu are prepared upon ordering)
Day Visited (the stall is inside Food Junction, cleanliness is good and its self service)
Good for Corporate Lunch/Dinners: No (it’s a food court…)
Good to eat with Foreign Friends: Yes
Recommended for people who will try Philippine Cuisine for the first time: Yes
If visiting Rapsa for the first time, their Grilled Pork Belly is a must try, they also have Roasted Pork Skewers and Roasted Chicken.
Rapsa’s menu changes almost everyday but their grilled items (Pork, Chicken and Squid) are available all the time.
Service speed needs to be upped a notch since lunch time queue is really bad. But looking at the entire picture, its good food, good price in a good place…

Filipino Food in Lau Pa Sat: Panyeros

Here’s another stall in Lau Pa Sat where you can eat Filipino Food… Panyeros!




Sorry for the dark picture, I just used my mobile phone’s camera.

Filipino Food (Chicken Inasal ATBP) in Lau Pa Sat… Mack’s Singapore!!!

*****Sad to say, Mack’s is now closed***** 


So we all know there are three (3) Filipino Food Stalls in Lau Pa Sat (Singapore, near Raffles Place MRT Station), we have Panyeros, Mang Roger and Jolly V. But when I visited the place last Friday (25 April 2008 ) I was actually surprised to see Mack’s Chicken Inasal ATBP. It’s a small stall which is hard to miss.

 Mack's Chicken Inasal ATBP

They not only have Chicken Inasal, they also have Tapsilog (Beef, Fried Rice and Fried Egg) and other “*silog meals”.


Better give them a visit if you are in the area and I suggest that you go there around dinner time.




*silog = si + log

Si = sinangag (fried rice)

Log = itlog (fried egg)

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