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Two Minutes with the LG KS-20

I just got my wife a LG KS-20 pocket PC and I must say that LG did a great job on this one.


From the website ( of LG and other gadget sites you will know that this phone has 3G and wi-fi (something the HTC Touch should have!)


The camera of this device is good (for a PPC), it can actually be compared to the camera of my Asus P525, and it also has auto focus and is capable of Macro shots. Since it has two cameras, you can switch to use the front camera with just a tap of the screen (note that the front camera does not have the focus capabilities of the main camera). The only problem I had with its camera is that when the memory in use is the memory card, it does not save the pictures in the My Documents nor the My Pictures folder.


LG also made its own UI on this device to make it “finger friendly” however; it could have been more fun if it came with the HTC Touch’s UI.


Here are pictures of the phones Today Screen:


KS-20 UI 1



KS-20 UI2 


If you tap start then programs, you will then realize that this is still the same Windows PPC.




Playing with this device and comparing it with my Asus P525, you will only notice that it does not have a SIM Manager for everything else, it does the job done.


As expected, this phone not only looks good, even the packaging and the leather case (no belt clip) looks good with it. You can say that LG really made this device to look and feel good to use. The only problem you may have is that it attracts a lot of finger prints but you know that we are now able to live with that thanks to our Atom (XDA) experience.


For a guy like me, I’m going to stick with my P525 for now, but my wife really loves this new device from LG, she has been using a PPC for quite sometime (XDA mini then the Dopod 838 ) but she suddenly lost interest as she also needed something that not only works great but looks great as well. This new phone from LG really made an impact on her the first time she saw it.


For its price, when I bought my P525, I thought my phone was cheap for a PPC but when I saw the price of the KS20… I was thinking of getting one myself!


The only negative things I can say about this phone is that it uses a different USB cable, one from LG and the package came with only one stylus.


*****I have tried installing PocketCM Keyboard on this device and it worked perfectly well, I also installed some of ytsejam’s skins (


*****UPDATE AS OF 22 MAY 2008*****


I forgot to tell you how good this new toy is for LEFT HANDED people as the stylus is located at the bottom left side.


Being able to spend more than 5 minutes with the unit, I will have to say that its quite slow and the screen is not responsive if you use a screen protector (had it removed already)


If you ask me now if I would want to use the device myself… I’m still sticking to my Asus P525… for now. Lets just hope LG comes up with a ROM upgrade for their KS-20.



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