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Netbooks! To buy now… or not to buy… yet!

Netbooks! These small laptop computers have gone a long way, sometimes I can’t imagine that the model that started it all had a 7 inch screen and a 2-4gig Solid State Drive… the EEE PC.

Yes we are still seeing new laptops trying to use a solid state drive but we still opt for the traditional hard disk since it has more space, I honestly think we can forget about the 7 inch screen since its really too small!

Two years from the introduction of the EEE PC, we can see a wide range of Netbooks from various manufacturers; almost all models have the same Atom processor, 2.5 inch hard disk and a 10 inch screen.

Now as for the real reason why I’m writing this article, to buy now or to wait?

Netbooks as we know uses a low powered processor. I think we can almost compare it with the older Pentium 4 processor which was great during its time but slow compared to today’s requirements.

Because of this processor, Netbooks used either Linux or Windows XP. Linux was ok however users started to install the more familiar Windows XP and to date, almost all brand new Netbooks are shipped with a Windows XP.

Windows XP was installed because Windows Vista performed badly on a Netbook, all HP 2133 users will agree with me.

Yes, you might say that Vista performed really bad with almost any computer and this is the reason why Microsoft has been working really hard for Windows 7.

Now this is where I will recommend that we all wait for Windows 7 before you purchase a Netbook.

I am sure that once Windows 7 come out, Microsoft will stop support for the Windows XP they almost pulled the plug on XP but they saw that they have to extend it a bit or else all Netbooks will run on Linux.

I just bought a Windows Vista Home Premium which I use on my Macbook’s VM Ware. It costs almost SGD 500.00. If Windows 7 (Netbooks edition) will have the same price, upgrading your Operating System will almost be as expensive as getting a new Netbook.

I would recommend that if you can hold your plan to purchase a Netbook, better hold it and wait for Windows 7. It will be a lot cheaper to buy a Netbook with a pre-installed Windows 7 than to buy one that runs on Windows XP then have it reformatted with a new Operating System later on.

If you really need a Netbook NOW, then by all means go to the nearest computer shop and make that purchase. But if it’s not that important, I really suggest you wait for Windows 7.

Bayanihan Linux 4.0

I have always wanted to try out Linux. I have always been intrigued on how a free Operating System would work.


Using a Mac with VMWare installed, I can now easily try out this Operating System since I an easily uninstall it just incase it doesn’t fit my needs.


Presently my Laptop runs on OSX and has Vista Home Premium in VMWare, Linux will be very seldom used.


I chose Bayanihan Linux to be my first Linux experience since it has always been presented as an alternative Operating System for Filipinos. In a country where anyone can easily access a boot leg version of the popular Windows, a free Operating System will certainly a very good alternative for all those running on a tight budget and wanted to use legit software. I also wanted to see what the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology has to offer.


Installing the Bayanihan Linux is a very easy task, it took a bit longer than the other Operating Systems (XP and Vista) I have installed but it turned out pretty well.


Upon installation, it will ask you for a user name and password, on my very first try, I decided to leave everything blank and this turned out to be a costly mistake. Be sure to put something as a user name and password or else you will never be able to log-in.


It will also ask you for the monitor you are using, but since this is quite an old OS (even if version 4 is the latest) I am definitely sure that your monitor model is not included in the list. Just declare your monitor as a generic LCD then configure your resolution.


First thing I have noticed with Bayanihan is that in using VMWare, you will not be able to re-size the window while its running. Bayanihan, will only go full screen.


Even if I tried to set the LCD setting during installation when Bayanihan was actually working the screen was configured at 640×480 only and I honestly cannot change it.


The desktop has “My Home” which is equivalent to “My Documents”. “Bayanihan Manual” which is also available for download on their website. My Network, Trash and Floppy Device (DOST should really update this Operating System).


Clicking “Menu” will give you a list of all the applications installed.


Here’s a couple…


Edutainment – is a folder for apps installed which are supposed to be fun and educational.


Games – we all know what this is.


Graphics – for all your photo editing and viewing needs






Office – Open Office is pre-installed


The only thing I cannot understand with this Operating System is that it has two (2) web browsers, Firefox and Konqueror. Three (3) image viewers and two (2) media players. It even has two (2) pdf viewers!


Presently I configured my Mac to run with the following for this OS. 256mb RAM, 1 processor 2ghz, 8gigs hard disk.


Start up is around two (2) minutes.


You can view this video I have taken from my mobile phone. Please note that I only took a video of Bayanihan starting up just to see how long it will take to boot.


From the menu, you will see the programs installed and if your eyes are clear enough, you will notice the 2 web browsers, 2 PDF viewers and 3 image viewers



The end of the video was not how I wanted it to be. Bayanihan crashed!


I have now un-installed this Bayanihan and I will be trying another Linux distro soon. But for now, I’m sticking with my Leopard and Vista.


Bayanihan Website:

Bayanihan Download Center:

Bayanihan Manual:




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