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Formatting a Compaq…

After initializing my Macbook, its time to clean up my wife’s Compaq.

1st rule when using an HP and Compaq Laptop… do not touch the Recovery Partition of your Hard Disk!

Although a recovery CD from HP Service Center is available, it costs SGD 30.00 each (depending on the computer model). It will also take a week before the CD is available for pick up.

If the recovery partition is still intact, reformatting is done by pressing F11 during start-up.

In my case, just insert the CD then restart.

The CD will restore everything back to the computer’s original settings which will also include the recovery partition of the hard disk.

I was informed that using a recovery CD takes longer. It took me almost 4 hours to complete formatting and recovery. This did not include the needed time to upgrade the necessary security patches.

If you ask me, having a recovery partition in the hard disk is very convenient since you don’t need to worry about your recovery CDs in the future. Just be sure you also create your own recovery CD just incase you need to change your hard disk.

Just a reminder when ordering a CD from HP/Compaq, have your Computer Serial number and Widows Activation Key available, all these information are needed to place an order.

Upgrade to Snow Leopard

It’s Time…

My Macbook is ageing!

Been using it for more than 2 years!

I’m very happy with Leopard but as technology improves, we must learn to cope with it.

Now, it’s time for me to clean up my Macbook and install a fresh version of Snow Leopard.

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