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Filipino Food (Chicken Inasal ATBP) in Lau Pa Sat… Mack’s Singapore!!!

*****Sad to say, Mack’s is now closed***** 


So we all know there are three (3) Filipino Food Stalls in Lau Pa Sat (Singapore, near Raffles Place MRT Station), we have Panyeros, Mang Roger and Jolly V. But when I visited the place last Friday (25 April 2008 ) I was actually surprised to see Mack’s Chicken Inasal ATBP. It’s a small stall which is hard to miss.

 Mack's Chicken Inasal ATBP

They not only have Chicken Inasal, they also have Tapsilog (Beef, Fried Rice and Fried Egg) and other “*silog meals”.


Better give them a visit if you are in the area and I suggest that you go there around dinner time.




*silog = si + log

Si = sinangag (fried rice)

Log = itlog (fried egg)

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