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Why Should Steve Jobs Release a Mac Netbook

This has got to be one of the geekiest articles that I will be posting on my blog. There must be thousands of articles written about this each day and I’m not sure if this will reach the concerned people. Just incase you stumbled upon my article, thanks for taking time reading it.


Netbook according to wikipedia is a small to medium sized, light-weight, low-cost, energy-efficient laptop, generally optimized for internet based services such as web browsing and e-mailing.


But we all know that Netbooks do a lot more stuff especially when the 8.9 inch and 10 inch versions were released.


With the release of Netbooks, a majority of Laptops (notebooks) were left at home doing Desktop chores.


When it was first released (history can also be seen from wikipedia) some forumers think that the Netbook is for those people who think that their PDA is just too small for emails and browsing websites. As it turns out, Netbooks sold fast especially in developing countries making manufacturers (ASUS and MSI) release desk top versions of their fast selling Netbooks.


Now, I’m not saying that Mac should battle with the low cost of netbooks, they can try HP’s strategy by selling the most expensive Netbook available, the mini Note. Despite the mini Note’s price, Via processor and Vista Operating System, it still sells, which only means that a Netbooks market is not only those people looking for a cheap alternative to a regular notebook.


Now there are things Mac can look at when designing their Netbooks, they already made a very cool Mac Book Air which is not that small but is too expensive to be a Market leader.


The New Macs has an easily replaceable Hard Disk, something where Netbooks fail. The Dell Mini is the first Netbook with an SSD Drive not soldered to the motherboard, making upgrades available. Macs standout in this department since you can even decide if you want your Macbook to run on HD or SSD. If the old one conks out, you can easily replace the drive. Some Netbooks even have their RAMs soldered giving owners very limited upgrade options.


Macs have excellent battery life, something important in Netbooks since they will mostly be used outside the house and away from a convenient power source. They even have those external battery indicators, a feature I cannot understand why other Notebook makers do not include. Without turning your notebook on, you can see how much juice is left in your batteries.


Macs also have a cool sleep and open to wake up feature, I know this is also available in Windows but the Mac’s version just keeps on working all the time.


Now as for the Netbook vs. UMPC thing some forumers have, the main difference I can see between the two is the presence of an optical drive (which I think we can live without) and touch screen (another thing we can live without). A touch screen would be cool, but not important. An excellent track pad is better. The optical drive is not that big deal since we all barely use it nowadays.


A Netbook may have a very small profit margin, but it is a clear step to the goal of Apple to gain market dominance.


College students prefer a Mac; an introduction of a Mac Netbook will give them dominance to High School students as well who later on will use a Macbook for college and an iMac at work.


We are all afraid of the first time transition from Windows to Mac, imagine the impact if our children started using Mac at an early age.


We all want to use OSX and the only possible solution for it to work on a Netbook is by using Hackintosh. If Apple still won’t release a Netbook, maybe OSX can have a PC version?


Mac already has the Mac Mini; a Netbook will definitely be its portable counterpart. Now let us wait and see what Steve Jobs has for us in 2009’s Mac World.

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