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Back to iOS?

Yes, I am an Android user…

But before that, I was a Windows Mobile user, a BlackBerry user and an iOS (iPhone 4/iPad 2) user.

So I guess switching (mobile) OSes isn’t new to me.

My first Android device was the Galaxy Note 2… Loved the size and I also immediately fell in love with Android.

Coming from an iPhone 4, I love the fact that you can use gestures to type, turn by turn directions thanks to Google Maps, launchers and themes to customize the look and the ability to assign other apps as default.

My Galaxy Note 2 was really abused. It geo-tagged my photos during vacations, used as a GPS when driving and personal hotspot. Thanks to its OTG feature I even used it to back up photos to Dropbox and even used it as a portable media player (using an MHL cable).

I then replaced my iPad 2 with a Nexus 7 (2013) since I wanted a smaller tablet…

Nexus 7 had it’s limitations (no OTG and MHL) but it received Android updates.

It was updated to KitKat (Android 4.4) months before my Note 2 received the update. My Note 2 also never received Lollipop (Android 5).

Here’s my problem with Android, you buy a current flagship device (I presently own an S6 Edge) then months later you’re never sure when and if you’re ever getting the latest Android version.

I know a lot of people who doesn’t care which version of Android their using, but I won’t be writing this blog if I was one of them… I want to use Now on Tap and I’m hoping for improved battery performance of my devices… Something Marshmallow (Android 6) will provide. Sadly, all I can do right now is wait.

Something I’ll never have to do when I’m using an iOS device.

When Apple announces a date for iOS, ALL qualified devices get an update.

But there’s a catch, my iPad 2 never received Siri when it got updated to iOS 5. my daughter’s iPad mini 2 did not get the Split Screen mode of iOS 9 and even if the 4S got iOS 9, it’s doesn’t support CarPlay.

When my Nexus 7 (2013) receives Marshmallow (Android 6), it will get all the available new features from the new OS.

So basically, you get a limited update on iOS… But you still get something new. With Android, you may never get an official update but when you do, its like having a new device again.

Another issue are cases, I’m unable to find a case for my 2 year old Nexus 7, even my wife’s Galaxy Note 8 (BTW, is presently stuck on Android 4.4) has very limited cases available! Yes, maybe not everyone will care about their device’s case, but if you travel a lot, having a case is very handy…

Do I go for the stability of iOS? The assurance of updates and accessories? The beauty of its Apps? And the one size fits all Apple approach?

Or do I go Android and have my device replaced evary 2 years?

I guess the best route is to have an Android/iOS combination… Since Google did not announce a Nexus tablet this year, do I go S6 Edge plus iPad setup?

Let’s see… I’m expecting to get Marshmallow for my Nexus 7 before the holidays… If everything goes well, I can wait for the iPad Air 3!

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