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I have finally signed up for an Instagram account.

I started this account hoping to get more audience for my photos.

Please note that my photos will not be purely taken and edited using my iPhone.

Some uploaded photos will be taken using my D90 (#D90) and DMC FT3 (#FT3).

For those who wants to follow me, or at least view the photos I have uploaded, just search for world_of_ice

Goodbye to my Nikon AF-S 55-200 f4-5.6 VR

This lens is the second least used lens in my gear.
Having sold my Nikon 28-80 the longest lens I have right now is 50mm.
Photography is my hobby and among my lenses, the 55-200 was only used during my weekend shoots.
I used to use my Tamron 17-50 and Nikon 28-80 for vacations, my Sigma 10-20 for landscape and 50mm for portraits.
The 55-200 was just used for wildlife (zoo) and portraits where my 50mm did a better job.
Although I plan of having a 80-200 f2.8 someday it all starts with letting go of some pieces I have now to have enough space for movement in the future.
Here are some photos taken using my Nikon AF-S 55-200 f4-5.6 VR.

Goodbye to my Nikkor 28-80 f3.3-5.6G Lens

After owning a this specific lens, I have decided to let it go…
Don’t get me wrong, it’s was a very good and sharp lens, but at the end of the day there are just things which you look for which this lens cannot provide.
Ranked by kenrockwell as one of Nikon’s Top 10 Lenses
I find it not wide enough and not long enough when used with a D90.
Here are some photos I have taken using this lens…

Shoot: Fashion

I have been regularly attending shoots here in Singapore.

I find it tiring and relaxing at the same time.

Physically tiring since you’re carrying this bag of equipment for half a day, finding the perfect angle to shoot your model and once you get home, you turn on the PC to start the selection (of photos) and editing.

Relaxing… its something I do which is totally not related to work.

Last 23 January 2010, I have attended a shoot organized by Venom81 of Clubsnap, click here to view the thread.

I normally post my favorite photos on various websites in order to receive comments and critiques, this is my first time to post my shots here.


You may view the photo from flickr here.


You may view the photo from flickr here.


I have also played with some of the photos.

This is another photo of Anastasia.

You may view the photo from flickr here.

And this photo was actually my first time using Nikon’s CLS.


All photos were taken in Clarke Quay.

Click here to view the entire album.

Nikon AF Nikkor 28-80mm f3.3-5.6G

Do I have the reason to call myself lucky to able to get my hands on a Nikon 28-80mm f3.3-5.6G lens?

I know, this is not hard to find since Nikon made a lot of these lenses but buying one nowadays means that I have to look for a pre-owned one.

I have checked a couple of reviews before searching for an owned copy of this lens and have made a lot of thinking before making the actual purchase.

This is a very light lens; it’s almost as small as the 18-55mm kit lens of the D40/60.

Made of plastic or as some sites call it… Polycarbonate!

Filter will also rotate while focusing.

In general, I am happy with this lens. It’s light, compact and cheap!

Here are photos that were taken using this lens.

Useful Sites When Buying a Used dSLR

dSLR’s, some call it cameras for a special group of people but as prices of this big and heavy cameras go down, we see more and more people using it.


For those checking the market for a used dSLR here’s a couple of tips you can use before investing on a camera.


Aside from checking the camera physically for any defects, you may want to check if its auto focus is working perfectly.


Here’s a good way of checking it.


Now if you are planning to buy a Nikon and you would want to know how many pictures the camera has taken its entire life, you can take a picture, and upload it in this site.



Look for the “shutter count” this figure can be reset by the service center.


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