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Fun Contact 2.15


This is a new application for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC’s.


Installation is actually easy and it perfectly worked with my Asus P525. (To avoid problems, install it in your Phone Memory, I have not tried to install it in the Memory Card)


First thing you will notice with this contact app is the speed. I have been using another program before and it was always too slow for me. I have been using Fun Contact for more than a week and it’s a very good addition to my PPC.


Sliding your finger on the left most or right most side of the screen will browse contacts faster. Sliding your finger on the center of the screen will scroll your contacts.


If you want to edit a contact using the default contacts menu of your WM Device, just tap the persons name and tap the windows symbol, you will be directed to the default contact menu.


You will be able to assign numbers as your favorites and you can also trace your call history with this app.


Another useful feature of this app are the minimize and close button. You can either close the app if you do not intend to use it for a long time or minimize it so that it can load faster the next time you need it.


You will be able to change skins and language but the latter seemed to be useless since I still believe that we all understand English and changing the language will still give you an English Manual (help).


One of my favorite features of Fun Contact is the presence of a phone dialer, you can select a contact using the dialer and call numbers not included in your contact list.


The only thing I found negative with Fun Contact is that it has an arrow on the left side of the screen.


When using Fun Contact for the first time and you scroll your finger on the left (or right) most side of the screen, it start suggesting the first letter of the contact you are looking for. Let’s just say you stop at letter P, a new user will expect that the first contact whose last name starting in P will be pointed by the arrow, but this arrow actually used to activate the phone pad. Your contact with a last name starting in P is actually on top of the screen.



This app is not free, it will cost you USD 19.95 but you can try for 14 days.


If you want to download Fun Contact:


Installing Fun Contact will replace your phone’s built in Contact Menu. If you do not want it replaced, just install Fun Contact then in the Programs Folder, copy the entire Fun Contact Folder and Paste it in another location. Uninstall Fun Contact and then transfer the “copied version” of Fun Contact (entire folder) to your Program Files folder. Just click the exe file if you want to use the app again.

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