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iGo (Stowaway) Bluetooth Keyboard paired with an iPhone

I have had a Bluetooth keyboard for quite sometime, it was originally paired with my XDA mini, then with my Dopod 838 and eventually my Asus P525. But ever since I decided to replace my Asus P525 with my Nokia E63 my Bluetooth keyboard has been collecting dust in my drawer.

Then came the iOS 4 update for the iPhone, this update honestly made me excited as it promised the ability of pairing the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Since I do not own a 3GS nor an iPad, I had to wait for one of my colleagues to upgrade to iOS4 before making my initial test.

This morning, I’m proud to confirm that the iPhone 3GS with iOS4 can be paired with the iGo Bluetooth keyboard.

To be specific, this Bluetooth keyboard is re-branded as Dell but its actually the iGo Bluetooth keyboard made by Stowaway.

Pairing is easy, just set the keyboard to discoverable (press the Ctrl + right Fn + left Fn until the green light blinks). Once found by your iPhone, the iPhone will provide a 4 digit number. Press the 4 digit number on the keyboard and press enter.

I have tried to use it while typing an e-mail/sms and typing on notes.

I’m really happy to decide to keep this keyboard, and now, thanks to Apple’s iOS4, its back as my traveling companion!

If you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment below. I will also try to update my observations.

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