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How a Shoe’s Marketing Hypnotizes Me

I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for marketing stuff in shoes.

You see, I always wanted to purchase a pair of the following shoes:

Nike Air, Shocks, Free
Puma Lift, El Ray Perf
Reebok Pump, Hexalite, Zig Tech
Converse React
Adidas Clima Cool, Bounce

I have actually owned quite a few of these shoes…

I had 2 pairs of Nike Air Max – Penny 2 and a Nike Air Shake Ndestruct – Dennis Rodman.

Both were great, Rodman’s shoe was big, heavy and not as comfortable and its totally the opposite of Penny’s. Sadly, both their soles just burst and both were useless after.

My Nike Free’s were great. I owned a 4.0 which was awesome and a 7.0

Between the 2, I preferred the 4.0 which was lighter and more comfortable, the 7.0 had a “heavy cross-training shoe feel” which is ok because compared to the 4.0, you get better feet support on the 7.0

Always wanted to get a pair of Shocks but then I saw a guy wearing an old pair of shocks and the soles were literally falling off! I also saw this happen on an old pair of Adidas Bounce too that why I never had a chance to buy both shoes.

Puma Lift looks good and light but I bought an El Ray Perf which was sadly stolen outside our house!

My brother once owned a Reebok Pump (with Hexalite) which was a great concept for children but totally useless for adults, when our feet stops growing, we buy shoes that fit right! Why do we need to pump it just to make it tighter?

Converse React were my first pair of Fancy Shoes, I was lucky enough to own the Larry Johnson 2, it was heavy, fancy and very hard to wear!

I love the concept of Adidas Climacool but my feet easily gets wet when its raining!

And now, I am a proud owner of Reebok’s Zigtech!

I really think these shoes look great!

I’m old enough to know that the things about its rubber and technology is just the marketing people selling me these shoes.

Now, all I have to do is train with my Nike Free and Run with my Zigs… There’s always a reason for everything!

Puma Lift!

When was the last time you really wanted a pair of sneakers?


Ok, I’ll do some thinking and enumerate the shoes I have really wanted (Yes, it is a want and not a need) in NO particular order.


1. Red Converse Chuck Taylors! I never had the red one! All I have is the black color.

2. Converse Chuck Taylors used by Will Smith in I, Robot – can’t find one!

3. Nike Penny Hardaway 2 – actually owned the black version

4. Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt (Dennis Rodman) – actually owned the black version

5. Air Jordan IX and XI – never had a chance to own one

6. Nike Free 4.0 – actually owned the blue version

7. Reebok Pump – just the thought of pumping a shoe to get the best fit was awesome! – never really had a chance to own one.


Now that I’m more mature, I am looking for something light for running and the gym. No more bulky basketball shoes.


So scrolling back to my list and reading about the mature part, I have to say that the Nike 4.0 was a glimpse of the future! Well, it’s not as old as the other shoes on the list but lately my attention is there.


Now, walking around the streets in Singapore, I saw this window (facing New Bridge Rd.) from Raffles City Shopping Center there was a poster of Usain Bolt wearing the Puma Lift!


It was not the poster, it was not Usain Bolt (yeah, maybe partly), nor the way the display window was presented. It was the fact that this shoe just weighs 173 grams… Now thinking about it, is it 173 grams per shoe or is the 173 grams a combined weight? But wait! Its shoes and should not be as hard as trying to be a brain surgeon!


No matter how heavy it is it still looks great, this maybe subjective. But I’m really planning to make this purchase as soon as possible!


I just wonder if this shoe is for casual wear or for running? I intend to use it in the gym since my Nike Free 7.0s has been working too hard. Hahaha!


Lift is actually written as L.I.F.T. which stands for Lite Injected Foam Technology.


For more information you can visit Puma’s dedicated website for his shoe.

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