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Android Wear Lite?

I guess it’s time for me to give the “smart watch” another chance.

After giving up on the Pebble, I think the Moto 360 (2nd Gen) deserves a look.

Is Google in the right direction with Android Wear???

Well, YES and NO!

Here’s my take.

Google made an excellent OS to battle with Apple’s watchOS.

Android Wear is not perfect, but OEM’s can either build their own OS (like Samsung) or just use Android Wear and let Google worry about apps, and everything else.

Here’s my problem with Android Wear, it’s not teaching people to depend on a wearable!

When I first held a Smartphone, the HTC Tanager, it made me rethink about the gadgets I carry around everyday…

It replaced the CD player in my car, my MP3 player and my portable DVD player.

My Tanager was later replaced by an XDA mini, later paired to with an IR keyboard which almost replaced my laptop! (I was writing Word documents and replying to emails on a 2.8inch screen)


Now for the subject of my blog post… Android Wear Lite!

Google must create a “Lite” version for Android Wear… Now before you declare that I’m obsessed with the concept of “Lite” you have to read what I’ve written below…

Google must make inexpensive smart watches (or maybe fitness bands, see Gear Fit), around the “impulse buy” price of $50-$100… This “inexpensive device” must have a minimum of 2 days battery life and a readable display in day light!

To keep costs low battery life decent, this device will definitely use an e-ink display and loose the touch screen…

Apple watch will always have mob lining up to buy the latest model. Something Google and their partner OEMs don’t have.

But once normal people learn how to use a smart watch, chances are they will upgrade to a better device later…

So again, Google must put Android Wear on as many wrists it can, hopefully they get at least half of these people to later upgrade to a device running a full version or Android Wear…

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