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Siloso Beach Resort (revisit)

We spent the last day of 2014 at Siloso Beach Resort.

It’s basically our second time in this resort and after more than two years… The resort looks OLDER!

Click here for my earlier post.

Why did we return? All other hotels in Sentosa had “minimum number of nights” requirement due to the year end holidays.

Since I had to be in the office on December 31 and January 02, it did not make any sense to book for 2 nights (or more).

We again stayed on the 5th floor (same level as the pool and gym), compared to our first room, the floor is no longer carpeted. (We had friends who stayed at the 3rd floor and their room had carpet). Since our floor had a wooden finish, it was prone to scratches, here’s how it looked like under our table and TV.

Siloso Beach Resort 1

TV also looks dated… (Our friends on the 3rd floor even had a smaller TV).

Siloso Beach Resort TV

Our aircon vent needs cleaning!!!

Siloso Beach Resort Aircon Vent

Washroom was ok, but they changed the shower gel without filling the holes left by the old one.

Siloso Beach Resort Shower

New soap dispenser was awesome and I honestly love the lemon scent of their new shower gel 🙂

Towel’s still screamed “please replace me”.

Pole by the bathtub looks strange… But it’s clean!

Siloso Beach Resort Shower Bar

Pool is still great, by I can’t understand why they had ongoing contruction on New Year’s Eve… Yes you see the people working if you’re in the pool.

Gym is now airconditioned and the old gym was replaced by a wormery… (maybe useful if your kids want to see worms?)

Strangely, my carrier (M1) did not have a signal in our room, we had no issues with Singtel. The hotel also did not have Wi-Fi!

During the Siloso Beach Party, hotel guests will not be allowed go in and out of the front entrance (one facing the Siloso Beach).

They’ll ask you to walk at Imbiah Walk and take the bus (Bus 1 is the fastest way to RWS) in front of Underwater World.

From RWS, Bus 2 is the fastest way back.

The hotel allows its guests to use their rooftop to watch the New Year fireworks.

I suggest that you buy your “drinks” from the nearest 7-11 as the restaurant is closed.

Hotel has a notice to its guests regarding the noise of the Siloso Beach Party, but it wasn’t that bad.

In my opinion, Siloso Beach Resort is great for a night or two.

It’s better than Costa Sands, and cheaper than the other hotels in the area…

If you plan to stay longer, I suggest that you look at other hotels in the area.

Earth Hour 2010 (photo)

I was actually expecting Universal Studios to keep the lights on this year…

I stayed in Vivo City’s Sky Park just to see how will Sentosa look like during this specific hour of the year.

As it turns our… lights off… just like the rest of the world!

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