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Mobile Internet… SingTel vs Starhub vs M1

When going to another country for work. You will need some basic things before you can say that you are settled down. We all need shelter, a mobile phone and a good internet connection. Since it will be quite a hassle if we use a fixed telephone and internet we will have to use the best and most reasonable mobile phone and mobile internet plans.


For Singapore, you can choose between SingTel, Starhub and M1. I have been an M1 user for almost a year and I gave up on them yesterday (Oct 28, 2008). Their service is ok if you use it for less than 1 hour, after that the service gets cut because their modem (Huawei E220) hangs you will need to restart your PC (in my case, my Mac).


Since yesterday, I was already using the Mobile Internet of Starhub which costs me around SGD 27.00 per month, it has a speed of 2MPBS (1.5MBPS for download and .5MBPS for upload). It was definitely twice faster than the M1 BUT the Starhub has a contract of two (2) years compared to M1’s six (6) months.


At first, I wanted to use SingTel’s Mobile Internet, price was the same with M1 (around SGD 22.00/month with two years contract) and twice the speed of Starhub (SingTel is 4MBPS) but SingTel is the only provider that does not offer an unlimited plan, you need to pay after 50gigs.


It will be too early to conclude that Starhub’s service is better than M1 but using it for a day, I was very happy with the performance.


I just have a couple of things to share that I have learned while roaming around the three carriers outlets yesterday.


  1. M1’s Huawei E220 modem comes with three (3) USB cables. M1 will charge you SGD 20.00 for every missing cable. A driver for a Mac is included in the package.
  2. Starhub gave me a MF628 modem which is NOT plug and play with a Mac. You will need to download drivers from their website. Under their customer care, download the Mac driver for Huawei E270.
  3. SingTel needs a day or two before your Sim card gets activated, M1 and Starhub activates immediately.

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