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Shoot: Fashion (Jovin and Annie)

Here’s another shoot I attended last February 15, 2010.

I know, it took me almost 1 month to have the photos posted, but I’ve been really busy lately.

This shoot was on a Chinese New Year Holiday and waking up early in the morning to shoot was worth it.

All photos were taken in Fort Canning Park, Singapore.

Thanks to Mambostevie for the well organized shoot.

Details can be found here.



The entire album can be viewed on my multiply account.

Shoot: Fashion

I have been regularly attending shoots here in Singapore.

I find it tiring and relaxing at the same time.

Physically tiring since you’re carrying this bag of equipment for half a day, finding the perfect angle to shoot your model and once you get home, you turn on the PC to start the selection (of photos) and editing.

Relaxing… its something I do which is totally not related to work.

Last 23 January 2010, I have attended a shoot organized by Venom81 of Clubsnap, click here to view the thread.

I normally post my favorite photos on various websites in order to receive comments and critiques, this is my first time to post my shots here.


You may view the photo from flickr here.


You may view the photo from flickr here.


I have also played with some of the photos.

This is another photo of Anastasia.

You may view the photo from flickr here.

And this photo was actually my first time using Nikon’s CLS.


All photos were taken in Clarke Quay.

Click here to view the entire album.

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