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The Singapore Toy and Comic Convention 2008














So last June 28, I was free enough to visit Singapore’s Toy and Comic Convention 2008. I had to bring my camera (Nikon D40) with it’s kit lens to try to capture some images.


Interestingly, I found out that I am not yet capable enough to use my camera in Manual mode when taking pictures of people in events, I learned this the hard way missing opportunities to take a photo of Darth Vader while he was still alone… I had to set my camera in Paparazzo mode (or full auto) just to get pictures of some Star Wars characters.


Here’s Darth Vader, well guarded by his army.

Here’s one of my favorites Boba Fett.

Here’s how Asians would look like if we had Jedi’s.

Here’s a picture from outside the Star Wars booth, I wanted to go in but the queue was very long.

Then I went to the Ban Dai booth which was also full so I just took pictures of these two statues outside.

No toy and comic convention will be complete without the Rubik’s Cube and a place for people to play Magic. These kids can complete the Cube in less than five (5) minutes with just one hand.

Lego on display is always fun but then we realize that it almost takes forever to complete something with those blocks.

A guy playing with a Wii

This captured my attention, a booth specially dedicated to Heroes.

So we all heard that there will be a Thor Movie here’s more info.


And that Brad Pitt will be Thor (just gossip as of now)… I think they got it all wrong, here’s the perfect Thor to inspire all mortals and gods!

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