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Singapore Love Locks

Hmmm, looks like someone in Clarke Quay decided it was time for Singapore to have it’s own place for love locks


Photo was taken in outside The Central

So yes, in Asia, the Koreans have the bigger more popular one

But let’s give this one a chance… Until Clarke Quay/The Central management decides its time to start something new.

Marina Mandarin Singapore

Had an overnight stay at Marina Mandarin last weekend (September 25-26, 2015).

Yes, it’s that odd looking building

Marina Mandarin

The room looked weird and old.

It was a twin bed room, but we didn’t get the usual 2-queen sized bed, instead it was a 2-super single bed set-up (similar SeaCare Hotel and Siloso Beach Resort!)


Marina Mandarin Singapore Twin Bed

Marina Mandarin Twin Room

Then there’s a weird big space near the window…

You also get the usual TV (with sports, local channels, HBO, Cartoon Network etc). Mini fridge with mini bar and safe.

Marina Mandarin Singapore





TV is all mounted, but you can adjust the angle, HDMI is located behind the TV.


Shower + Toiletries is a big let down.

The hotel ONLY provided 1 shower gel, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 soap, 1 shower cap, 1 sanitary bag and 2 toothbrush! Yes, NO shavers and NO comb!

The main shower area was also unbelieavably small, an average sized person will have bruised elbows after having their shower.

Our room also did not have a bath tub!




Consolation? Towels felt new!

Pool area and gym are located at the 5th floor.




Marina Mandarin Singapore Pool


Marina Mandarin View

Vanda Ballroom shares the same washroom with the Pool area, so if you’re there for a formal party, be ready to see wet kids on the same washroom!

Weekend breakfast was available from 6:30-10am, served at Aquamarine (4th floor). It was sadly “just ok” nothing fancy, if their staff charges you for breakfast, I would suggest that you just walk to the nearest mall (Marina Square) and have your breakfast there.

If it’s your first time to visit, taxi will drop you at the lobby, check-in/out counters are at Level 4.

The hotel also has a direct link to Marina Square.

If you’re inside the mall, the link is between American Tourister and Sperry Top Sider (3rd Floor).

(taken from Marina Square’s directory)

Marina Mandarin interior



Since it’s 2015, I have to mention about the hotel’s WiFi.

According to the operator, I can connect ONLY 3 devices.

Once connected to their network, you will have the option to go free, or premium ($32.10 for 24 hours)


Free connection provided around 4Mbps download and 5Mbps upload.

Speed drops during the night time, as you can see I only got 1.52Mbps download and 4.37Mbps upload.


The Seacare Hotel (Singapore)

The Seacare Hotel

The Seacare Hotel is one of the newer hotels in Singapore.

seacare hotel lobby


Had an overnight stay with my family last weekend (Superior Room) and here’s what you can expect.

Location: 52, Chin Swee Road, Singapore 169875


Nearest MRT is Chinatown.

Walking directions from Google Maps states that the hotel is 10mins away from the MRT station, but you can actually walk through the food centers to cut the walking time in half (check out the red line).

map walking


SKY LOUNGE – this is located at the 16th floor of the Hotel. I believe this is reserved for corporate functions/events.

GYM – also located at the 16th floor. It has limited equipment but more than enough for your normal routine.

The Seacare Hotel Gym 3

The Seacare Hotel Gym 2

The Seacare Hotel Gym 1

SKY TERRACE – located at the 10th floor, it’s a good space to sit and relax.

The Seacare Hotel Sky Terrance

Seacare Hotel Sky Lounge

CLUB@52 – located at the 2nd floor.

NIJI JAPANESE RESTAURANT – located at the 1st floor. The restaurant is configured for the buffet breakfast from 7-10am.

In-room Amenities LED television with free cable channels (Singapore local channels + HBO)

Complimentary coffee & tea-making facilities

The Seacare Hotel Coffee and Tea

Complimentary in-room high-speed broadband internet & WiFi access (user name and password will be provided upon check-in)

seacarehotel free wifi 2


seacarehotel free wifi 1


seacarehotel free wifi 4

Here’s a quick test on the speed of their internet.

seacarehotel free wifi 3

Complimentary bottled drinking water

Electronic in-room safe (the room also has a small closet)

The Seacare Hotel Safe


The Seacare Hotel Fridge

Our room also had an alarm clock that has a dock for the 30pin adapter of the iPhone.

The Seacare Hotel iPod Dock


Here’s what our room looked like.

seacare hotel superior room

View from our window

The Seacare Hotel View


The Seacare Hotel Bathroom

Toiletries are included

The Seacare Hotel Toiletries

The Seacare Hotel Toiletries 2

Room will come with a complimentary buffet breakfast for 2. Additional persons will be charged SGD 18.50.

Now for the sad part… Breakfast wasn’t good…

Choices were very limited and my coffee wasn’t hot enough.

The Seacare Hotel Breakfast

Buffet breakfast needs improvement and the location is also not convenient if you need Halal or Vegetarian meals.

Will definitely recommend The Seacare Hotel to friends who are looking for a hotel near the city area, it’s modern, new and reasonably priced.

Click here to view high-res photos

Instagram: #seacarehotel

For more information:

Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is the only place in Singapore where Filipinos can buy specific Philippine products. Ever wonder where you can buy an instant (Lucky Me) pancit canton? Bottled sardines? And even Philippine Soy Sauce and Vinegar. You can all find them in Lucky Plaza.

Shops in Lucky Plaza also offer remittance services to the Philippines, they have better rates and cheaper remittance fees.

There are also Restaurants serving Filipino Food inside Lucky Plaza, the more popular ones are Kabayan and GP Asia.

Lucky Plaza is also a home to shops selling electronic devices, although I will not recommend you to buy gadgets here, there are times when shops do offer good prices/deals.

One of the more reputable camera shops is Lord’s.

This mall’s atmosphere is very different from its neighboring malls in Orchard Rd. but if you’re a Filipino in Singapore, you must try visiting Lucky Plaza at least once.

The Volvo Ocean Race


As yesterday (Jan 10, 2009) was a good day under the clouds, I have decided to go to Sentosa and see the Volvo Ocean Race more details here



There were the normal festivities, everything was free except for the food.



The only thing sad about it was that the yachts came in after 7pm making it very hard for me to take pictures of them.


To those who arrived earlier (they came back in reverse so the race winner will be the last to enter the Sentosa Cove) here are some pictures.





Here is where they’re parking for the night.


Southern Ridges (Singapore)

According to the Uniquely Singapore Website, it is a 9km chain of green spaces spans across Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Kent Ridge Park and ends at West Coast Park, each seamlessly linked by foot trails and connection bridges.


I was originally planning to walk from Harbour Front center going to Jewel Box in Mt. Faber, but since I started 3 p.m., I have decided to ride the cable car and save the energy for later. As it turns out, taking a one way cable car ride was a good idea.


I suggest that you take in little amounts of liquid before starting your trip as there are very few toilets available. Good thing I unloaded my excess liquids in the Jewel Box since the next toilet I saw was three (3) hours away. It may have taken me a little bit too long to finish half of the trail but it was all worth it since I had the opportunity to take lots of pictures.


I have been to Mt. Faber once and have rested in its own Merlion Park (Faber Walk), going to Henderson Waves, I have decided to take the long route by walking through the Forest (Marang Trail).





Going to Manila is still the last thing on my mind as of now…




That guy (wearing blue) is almost taking an hour just to finish the steps…





Directions, directions, directions…



Finally, my first stop, Henderson Waves!






It is known as the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, it connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park.


Next stop, Terrace Garden.







And A view from the top of the Terrace.



Next stop is the Hilltop Walk, it is a raised walk way for people and the goal is to give the people a bird’s eye view of the forest.


There are “short cuts” but taking the long way is more fun.













The place looks and feels so good that sometimes, you feel so isolated and light at the same time. If you wish to go back to reality, there are always exits.



The Hilltop Walk goes all the way to the Alexandra Arch which is a leaf shaped arch which goes to Hortpark.





Hortpark is a good stop for rest, they have good toilets and vendo machines for drinks.


They even have a restaurant but eating was the last thing on my mind then as all I wanted was water…







Hortpark’s garden has different kinds of green houses and a play ground for children.









As I have reached Pasir Panjang, I have decided to call it a day since it started to get dark and my feet were starting to kill me.



A detailed map of Southern Ridges can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Filipino Food in Marina Square: 7,107 Flavours

Update: Sadly, this place is no longer open for business. (CLOSED)

This was one of the first posts I have in this blog and I think its just due for an update!

7,107 Flavours restaurant in Marina Square was the first restaurant of its class in Singapore. To all those who searched for a high end Philippine Restaurant in Singapore, you will stop searching once you see this little corner in Marina Square.

That being said, it is far far far above those restaurants you’ll find in Lucky Plaza.

Location is perfect, ambiance is great, partnered with the usual Philippine kindness by the waiters and staff and you got yourself the perfect dining experience outside the Philippines.

Although I have always praised this specific restaurant, I believe that there is always room for improvement.

Here are some things they should focus on:

1. An updated website! Come on people, its 2009!

2. They should offer membership cards to us regular customers, I think a 5% discount wont hurt or maybe a free cake on the member’s birthday!

3. Reservations! I once dined there on a Friday night with my colleagues; I had a reservation for 6. Although I understand that weekends are very busy, the table given to us was just for 4 with 6 seats, I told the staff that it doesn’t take a genius to know that we cannot fit on the table so I asked them to get me a bigger place. They instantly complied with my request however they just connected a table with a different size to our original table for 4. Don’t get me wrong, this did not affect the food, but please understand that this is suppose to be the best Filipino restaurant in Singapore, the smallest detail counts.

Now, for my standardized summary:

Food that is readily prepared is available: No

Day Visited for the first time: Saturday
Time/Meal: Lunch

Day Visited for the second time: Friday
Time/Meal: Dinner

I eat here regularly so just take my word for it, its on the top of my Filipino restaurants list here in Singapore.

Good for Corporate Lunch/Dinners: Yes

Just be sure to make an early reservation.

Good to eat with Foreign Friends: Yes

Please see my answer above.

Recommended for people who will try Philippine Cuisine for the first time: Yes

Having 7,107 Flavours was one of the best things that happened here in Singapore. Now we can invite our colleagues to enjoy Filipino Cuisine in a decent restaurant.

Although there are always room for improvements (as stated above), nothings perfect. At the end of the day, good service, good food and great ambiance are the only things that matter, the acoustic band is definitely a bonus.

7,107 Flavours… Philippine Cuisine, Culture and Travel

Here’s a Map of Marina Square. (I scanned their business card)

And here is a Map just incase you do not know where Marina Square is.

They are located at:

#02-02 Marina Square

Telephone No.: (+65) 6334-7107

Posted: 01 April 2008

Updated: 08 May 2009

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