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Targus Desktop USB 2.0 7-Port Hub with audio pass-through

My latest gadget (as of 08 Sept 2008), a Targus USB Hub.

As a Macbook user, you will have to sacrifice one (1) USB slot (it only has 2) and here is where a good USB Hub comes in Handy. I have been using a generic USB Hub for quite sometime but this one really took my attention as it has its own power supply. I was immediately thinking of the possibility of turning off my Mac and still have my iPod charging.

For additional information on this product, here’s its website.

Now for my review.

It is not worthless, as it is the most expensive USB Hub I have bought to date. But it is useless! It only works like your normal USB Hub, the external power is only strong enough to charge my X-Mini speakers. It cannot charge my iPod and my Seagate external hard disk does not work when connected to it.

The thought of an Audio in and out is available is great but it does not function as a USB Soundcard, you will still need a 2nd and 3rd cable (1st cable is the USB) as you will need to connect it to your PC’s (in my case, Mac) Audio in and out. This is a good feature for those old desktops whose Speaker and Microphone jacks are behind the CPU but for new Desktops and Laptops, this feature is no longer necessary.

Final Verdict on this device, with its price… not worth it!

Targus could have done a better job if they added the following since the technology is not that expensive anyway.

1. Card Reader
2. Make the Audio In and Out function like a USB Sound card (like this).
3. Give it more power! – It must atleast charge 2 iPods and a PDA simultaneously.

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