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Telephone Number Pad!

One lazy day at the office, while browsing the internet, I saw this one question that made me think…

The question was… How many mobile phones have you owned?

And the fastest answer I can come up with is… a lot!

Now, mobile phones have gone a long way. We can now send SMS, E-mail, Pictures and some other stuff. As these mobile phones evolve, their designs change and so does the number pad!

When I first saw the Nokia 3650, I was saw so amazed with its capability to capture videos with its built in camera. Yes, during those days this was ground breaking! But then, upon seeing the phone, you ask yourself… How do I learn to use that keypad?

A phone’s number pad really didn’t bother me that much since I always had a touch screen device but now that I’m back to using a phone with an actual telephone pad, I just noticed that both my phone’s positioned the *, 0 and # differently.

Here’s a photo of my Nokia E63

And here’s my myPhone B22

I have seen my boss’ Blackberry and the *, 0 and # were also positioned differently!

Can’t telephone manufacturers standardize their phone’s number pads for the sake of us consumers?

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