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Southern Ridges (Singapore)

According to the Uniquely Singapore Website, it is a 9km chain of green spaces spans across Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Kent Ridge Park and ends at West Coast Park, each seamlessly linked by foot trails and connection bridges.


I was originally planning to walk from Harbour Front center going to Jewel Box in Mt. Faber, but since I started 3 p.m., I have decided to ride the cable car and save the energy for later. As it turns out, taking a one way cable car ride was a good idea.


I suggest that you take in little amounts of liquid before starting your trip as there are very few toilets available. Good thing I unloaded my excess liquids in the Jewel Box since the next toilet I saw was three (3) hours away. It may have taken me a little bit too long to finish half of the trail but it was all worth it since I had the opportunity to take lots of pictures.


I have been to Mt. Faber once and have rested in its own Merlion Park (Faber Walk), going to Henderson Waves, I have decided to take the long route by walking through the Forest (Marang Trail).





Going to Manila is still the last thing on my mind as of now…




That guy (wearing blue) is almost taking an hour just to finish the steps…





Directions, directions, directions…



Finally, my first stop, Henderson Waves!






It is known as the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, it connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park.


Next stop, Terrace Garden.







And A view from the top of the Terrace.



Next stop is the Hilltop Walk, it is a raised walk way for people and the goal is to give the people a bird’s eye view of the forest.


There are “short cuts” but taking the long way is more fun.













The place looks and feels so good that sometimes, you feel so isolated and light at the same time. If you wish to go back to reality, there are always exits.



The Hilltop Walk goes all the way to the Alexandra Arch which is a leaf shaped arch which goes to Hortpark.





Hortpark is a good stop for rest, they have good toilets and vendo machines for drinks.


They even have a restaurant but eating was the last thing on my mind then as all I wanted was water…







Hortpark’s garden has different kinds of green houses and a play ground for children.









As I have reached Pasir Panjang, I have decided to call it a day since it started to get dark and my feet were starting to kill me.



A detailed map of Southern Ridges can be downloaded in PDF format here.

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