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ofo Bike Sharing…

They raised their prices. 50 cents to unlock a bike and another 50 cents for 15 minutes…

Ofo Price

Now it’s more expensive to take ofo than to just take a bus!

Swatch Singapore Service Centre


Had my watch serviced.

I was surprised that service will cost S$240.00! Price will go up if they need to replace anything inside.

After a month, I received a notification that my watch is ready and that there will be no additional costs.

Swatch Singapore Service Centre


After collection… I was informed that they will provide 2 years warranty after the service…

They will also give you a case, and the parts replaced from your watch.




Things I learned during collection…

When adjusting the date, time should be 6:30!

Do not adjust the date from 8:00 to 2:00! Since it’s my first time to hear this, I did some research and learned that the mechanism to change the date will start building up at 8pm and fully release at 2am.

So safest time (regardless of brand) to change the date is 6:30.

You will need around 40 hours to fully wind-up the watch. Just wear it regularly (or if you have a winder, use it). Do not vigorously shake the watch as it will case uneven wear on the watch’s internals and it will result to uneven oiling.

I initially thought S$240 for having my watch serviced is too much. But after seeing the watch fixed and on my wrist again, it was definitely worth.

My watches have stories and memories behind them, it’s one of the reasons why I’m still not using a smart watch.

You Don’t Know What You Have Until It’s Gone: Uber

Uber Singapore (and Philippines) is gone.

I’ve once written how I felt cheated with their discount codes. But in reality, Uber is 80% of the time cheaper than Grab.

Uber officially left Manila yesterday, April 16, making Singapore it’s last South East Asian country (it was required to extend until May 07).

And even on the last remaining days of Uber Singapore, it’s still noticeably cheaper than Grab.


My favorite part of Uber is that the driver doesn’t know where you’re going. They can’t choose passengers!

Unlike Grab which gives freedom to their drivers to choose passengers!

After May 07, it’s Grab vs Comfort… And we all know Comfort is even more expensive!


So I guess that’s it… Goodbye Uber…

That Uber 50% Off Scam!

Before the weekend started, Uber sent me an email for 50% off on UberX/Pool rides for the weekend… (And Yes, I know that the discount is capped at S$5.00)


To my surprise… Even with Uber’s 50% off, Grab was offering better fares.



Received another “promo” for weekedays and I guess I will be thinking twice before booking Uber.

Uber Save Big

Star Wars Experience the Force (Orchard Rd)… Now that was disappointing…

Saw a Star Wars Experience the Force ad in Facebook and I knew I just had to go.

Sadly, after getting there, I’m not sure of my expectation was too high or the Millennium Falcon and ACT Walker on display was just really (really) bad.



You don’t need to be close to see that they were both made from cardboard!


The experience was so bad, it should be flagged as fake news 🙂

Another One! :(

So far this year…

I lost my Zig, my Havaianas, Loosing my Shox

And now my Everbest!


A couple of days more and it would have celebrated a year old…

The End is Near… Nike Shox NZ…

Took this photo in June 2013 after buying my Shox NZ.

Nike Shox NZ

Shox NZ

and 4 years later, it’s starting to show it’s age.



Sadly, just like my Zig, looks like my Shox is also retiring this year.

I only used this shoe in the gym, an hour a week.

So I guess I can say that this post is an early goodbye to my Nike Shox NZ.

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